Supporting Higher Education
in China and Southeast Asia

Schools in China that have received materials (partial list):

Anhui Teachers' College
Bei Fang Communication University
Beijing Aeronautical Engineering and Space Technology University Beijing Agricultural Engineering University
Beijing Broadcast College
Beijing Commercial College
Beijing Economics College
Beijing Film College
Beijing Industry University
Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages
Beijing International Relations College
Beijing Normal University
Beijing Science and Technology University
Beijing University
Binzhou Teachers' College
Central Academy of Arts and Design
Central College of Finance and Banking
Central Theatre College
Changchun Geology College
Changsha Railway College
Chengdu Science and Technology University
China Colliery University
China Geology University
China People's University
China Science and Technology University
Dalian Institute of Foreign Languages
Dalian Institute of Sea Transportation
Dalian Medical College Dalian University of Science and Engineering Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
East China Normal University
Fudan University
Fuzhou University |Guangxi University
Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages
Guizhou Finance and Economics College
Guizhou University
Hainan University
Hangzhou Commercial College
Hungzhou University
Hebei Financial and Economics College
Hebei University
Heilongjiang Commercial College
Heilongjiang University
Huaiyin Teachers' School
Huaiyin Industry School
Hubei University
Hunan University
Hunan College of Finance and Economics
Huizhou Teachers' School
Inner Mongolia College of Finance and Economics
Inner Mongolia University
Jianghan University
Jiangsu Commerce School
Jiangxi College of Finance and Economics
Jiangxi Normal University
Jiangxi University
Jilin College of Finance and Trade
Jilin University
Jinan University Laiyang Agricultural College
Laiyang City Library
Lanzhou Commerce College
Liaoning University
Liaoyang University
Luxun Institute of Fine Arts
Ma'anshan Commerce School
Middle China University of Science and Engineering
Nankai University
Nanjing Food Economics College
Nanjing Southeast University
Nanjing University
Ningbo University
Ningxia University
Northwest Minority Nationality College
Northwest University
Ocean University of Qingdao
Qingdao University
Qufu University
Tsinghua University

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