Supporting Higher Education
in China and Southeast Asia



Are You Still Accepting Books?

Yes, absolutely, as we have been for 27 years. Over 1,000 university libraries will welcome your book donations.

What Do You Take?

We seek college-level, English-language books in all fields of the arts and sciences, as well as fiction, poetry, anthologies, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

How Does it Work?

First, before packing, check our book donation page or contact us directly to confirm that your books match the needs. Next, ship or deliver your books to our Bay Area warehouse. Finally, contact us after you make your donation, and we will send you a formal acknowledgment and IRS form for claiming your tax benefit.

How Should I Pack the Books?

Use sturdy cartons and pack them solidly (loosely packed boxes may burst during shipping). Stack your books on their sides like bricks, at both ends of the carton; please don't pack them not on their spines. Fill spaces with newspaper or small paperbacks, tape the carton shut and address it to Bridge to Asia. If you are sending multiple cartons, please label them 1/X ... X/X.

Do You Pay for Shipping?

We ask donors to bear those costs. However, your expenses for packing and shipping are tax deductible, together with the value of your books, as at least some compensation for your gift.

Where Do I Send Them?

To our Hayward warehouse.

Do You Pick Up?

Yes, when you donate 7,500 or more books.

Can I Drop Them Off?


Do You Need a List of My Books?

Yes. A simple list of titles and authors will do which you can send to us by email ( The lists are used by Chinese Customs to clear our shipments in advance.

Does China Censor books?

Yes, In the past several years, China has asked us to supply lists of books in advance of shipping them.

What Are My Books Worth?

We are not permitted to help with appraisals but know that some donors have used prices from, and others have claimed $1 per book or journal issue. In cases of substantial donations such as libraries or lengthy journal runs, donors have consulted appraisers.

Where Do the Books Go?

To one or more of 1000 Chinese universities, from Shanghai to Tibet. See list.

Does China Censor books?

In our first year, we were asked to list the contents on each carton. From then until now, there have been few restrictions. Even books critical of the government are welcome, provided the level of their scholarship is high.

What Does China Contribute??

China covers costs of US handling, international shipping, and in-country distribution..


Who Supports You?

Funds for our operations have come from foundations, government agencies, corporations and individuals. 5,000 individual and institutional donors have given nearly 10 million books, more than half of the foreign academic materials acquired by China's universities since the 1980s. You can help us carry out our mission by making a financial donation through or PayPal.

Are You Connected to Other Groups?

We are not affiliated with any group or organization, and have no agenda other than to support higher education in developing countries in Asia, and to promote understanding between East and West.


Donor's letter


"... The Institute of Management, Innovation and Organization has delivered 32 boxes of books to your warehouse. We are happy to have found a good use for them."

Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

Young woman reading in Nankai university library