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in China and Southeast Asia

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Selecting books from Bridge to Asia donations


The Need

China's universities are under enormous stress. There is a population explosion of students, a shortfall of faculty, and a scarcity of books and journals from the West.

Access to modern knowledge is so limited that medical schools struggle to upgrade themselves, in a health-care system that is nearing collapse. Law schools struggle to train fully capable graduates.

It is the same for most fields and practices, and the result is a calamity: teachers cannot keep current—students do not learn what they should—and the system will not produce enough well-trained people to sustain the modernization of the country.

Books are not the only resources needed, but even in the age of the Internet they can be the most practical means of obtaining formal knowledge, and they can be provided in the near term and begin to produce benefits almost immediately.


The impact of your books

Please read the eloquent thank you letter on the right written by Yan Zhiqiang, Professor of English at Huzhou Teachers College in China.

Another way to contribute

You can support our vital work by making a financial contribution. Every dollar you give will help build understanding between countries and cultures.

• $25 sends 50 books to China
• $250 sends 500
• $5,000 sends a shipment of 10-15,000 books

Donations are fast and easy online

Thanks from a recipient


"... What is our library like now? It has changed its history of supporting a foreign languages school of more than 1,400 students and 120 teachers without a Bible in English, nor the complete works of Shakespeare, nor the Norton Anthology of English Literature. Now we have these from you.

young Asian man

And the scores of books on China help us learn what we are in the eyes of other peoples. The most popular of popular magazines, the National Geographic, has become a huge collection... Even most of our Marxist and Leninist works in English have come from you.

In addition to English publications, printed materials in other languages have also been increased... even a Homer in ancient Greek, most of which are unavailable in our largest bookstores...

Yan Zhiqiang,
Professor in English,
Foreign Languages School
Huzhou Teachers' College,

Our Mission

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

In our main effort, we provide books and other educational materials that are essential for education but too costly for most schools or scholars to afford. In related efforts, we have used the Internet to help professionals in China consult with counterparts in the U.S.

Our work is made possible by the generosity and good will of 5,000 donors who have given 10 million books over 22 years—more than half of all foreign academic materials acquired by China's universities in that time.


The Bridge

Bridge to Asia provides the infrastructure to acquire the best materials and deliver them to people who can best use them.

We receive books from used book wholesalers, publishers, college bookstores, faculty, students and the reading public.

We ship the books in land/sea containers from US ports to distribution centers in China. Finally, through a system overseen by the Ministry of Education, we distribute books to 1000 universities from Shanghai to Tibet.